Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love the holidays! One year when the girls were young, I even had a "holiday" tree. An old Christmas tree that I decorated each month with a different holiday or theme. When I was a teenager, I decorated a bulletin board in my bedroom with holiday decorations. (a future teacher in the making!) So I love holidays..any holiday but especially Christmas. When I was young, I loved listening to the Osmond family Christmas album. Of course I was listening in July and August as well as October, November and December! Years later I found the album on CD and continue to enjoy it. There's just something about Christmas music that puts me into the holiday spirit. This year is no different. I was on my way to dialysis the other day and the radio was playing Christmas music and was singing as loud as I could. Luckily there wasn't any other drivers on the road because it was Thanksgiving morning at 7AM. What a great day. Now I just need to get our Christmas decorations up and the holiday season will have official begun!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Official

Well, I've joined the blogging world! Also joined Facebook. What is the world coming to?